Buy ‘Flibble’ direct and DRM-free

‘Flibble’ is a top-down 2D adventure game with a retro aesthetic, heavily inspired by the Atari 2600 classic, ‘Adventure’. It features a humourous plot and lots of stuff to pick up. For a more detailed breakdown of the game, check out the ‘About‘ page.

The game is currently only available for Windows, although I’d love to do a Mac/Linux port in the near future.



Sunday, 2nd September, 17:05 GMT

‘Flibble’ is on Steam Greenlight, where your support would be greatly appreciated. It’s had some… ‘interesting’ feedback, which I’ve found highly entertaining. Oh, and for reading this far down the main page, if you use the promo code ‘GREENLIGHT’, you can currently get the game from the store, right here, for $2.99. Isn’t that lovely?

Wednesday, 15th August, 18:20 GMT

Today, I added a demo, which features the first 3 levels (and all the cutscenes in-between). I also made this video, which explains a lot more about why Flibble exists, what I hope to achieve and where I’m going as a developer. Still no press coverage yet, but I’m not too worried.

– Zed

Monday, 13th August, 23:49 GMT


So, I SAID it’d be out on Monday and I am a MAN OF MY WORD. You can now purchase Flibble, directly from this very site. So go check everything out, buy the game, play it, enjoy it, love it. I’m gonna go hide under the bed until I calm down.

– Zed

Monday, 13th August, 15:14 GMT

Unfortunately, the game isn’t out yet. I’d hoped to have it out this afternoon, but I’ve apparently grossly underestimated how long it takes to get approved (or even get access) by various digital distribution platforms. Even trying to sell direct, I have to wait. So there’s a lot of waiting. If you’re seeing this site right now, whoops. You shouldn’t be. But nevermind!

Since you’re here, check out the Media page, go follow me on Twitter and await further instructions, because the MOMENT the game drops on at least one digital distribution platform, I’ll probably be spamming my twitter feed like a mad man.

– Zed

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